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East Asian arts, the visual arts, performing arts, and music of China, Korea (North Korea and South Korea), and Japan. (The literature of this region is treated in separate articles on Chinese literature, Korean literature, and Japanese literature. )Some studies of East Asia also include the cultures of the Indochinese peninsula and adjoining islands, as well as Mongolia to the north.Brought to you by Smarthistory. This section looks at the art and cultures of Imperial China (for ancient China please see the section, Ancient Art and Civilizations above), Hindu and Buddhist from South Asia, the great temple and palace complexes of Southeast Asia, and the art east asian art history

The M. A. course on East Asian Art History investigates the art, archaeology and material culture of China and Japan and (to a lesser extent) Korea. The subject matter covers all genres from painting and archaeology to commercial art and all epochs from the Neolithic Age to the present.

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This course, East Asian Art History, is a thematic introduction to the major artistic and cultural trends of East Asia, with a focus on the history of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese art. We will study major developments and issues in the

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In East Asia, Buddhist art was heavily modified by the East Asian style of visual art, which focuses on lines rather than curved volumes. The result is a stiffer appearance, in which curves are subdued and linear detail (detail that consists of thin, sharplydefined lines) is enhanced.

The Ph. D. program in East Asian Art at Harvard consists of training in Chinese and Japanese art history with the three faculty who oversee the program Yukio Lippit, Melissa McCormick, and Eugene Wang as well as complementary coursework in Western art history, and the languages, history, literature, and religions of East Asia.

Hence, from the earliest times in East Asia, dance, music, and dramatic mimesis have been naturally fused through their religious function. In East Asia the easy intermingling of dance and theatre, with music as a necessary and inseparable accompanying art,

East Asian art, art history, and other interesting things. Primarily Japan and China. East Asian Art History. Collection by Meaghan @ TT40 Art. East Asian art, art history, and other interesting things. Primarily Japan and China. Follow. Art History Asian Art. The cover for East Asian Art History

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Excursions in the last two years have included research trips to Chicago, Germany, England, Japan, and China. With our full schedule, we aim to do as much as possible to further the cause of East Asian art history in Switzerland.

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