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In a pioneering collaboration, the Smithsonians National Museum of American History and the City University of New Yorks Dominican Studies Institute are reaching out to people of Dominican descent to build a collection that reflects how Dominican music and musical performances have shaped both a cultural and social identity in the United States.Reggeaton 2018 Dembow Music 2018 New Every Week Subscribe for new reggeaton music every week dembow music history

The first reggae songs, heard in Puerto Rico were, for instance, Dembow by Nando Boom, Pantalon caliente by Pocho Pan, Dulce by La Atrevida or also international successes performed by Gringo Man and El gran General, such as Muevelo and Son bow .

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Reggaeton is a modification of raggamuffin that, in turn, developed from reggae and Hip Hop. Reggaeton distinguishes itself through its provocative and full of protest Spanish lyrics and exhibits the impact of further Latino styles, like bomba and salsa. Reggaeton is a relatively new music style that has become increasingly popular in the 90's.

Dominican dembow, an interpolation of rap, mambo, and the dembow riddim, is arguably the hypest music being made in the world right now. If not, its certainly the most prolific genre.

Meanwhile, back in America, house music was an underground phenomenon occasionally peeking its head onto the Billboard charts through U. K. to U. S. crossover hits.

Dembow was such a staple source that the entire genre for a time, after being known as underground but before reggaeton, was simply called dembow. When most people say Dembow, they refer to its rhythm more generally: boomchboomchick.

Tellingly, the dembow riddim most likely reached Puerto Rico via reggae mixtapes from New York and Panamanian reggae en espanol tracks, again illustrating the central role of diasporic contact zones in reggaeton's history.

Dem Bow, Dembow, Dembo: Translation and Transnation in Reggaeton Created Date: Z

The name reggaeton became prominent during the early 2000s, characterized by the dembow beat. It was coined in Puerto Rico to describe a unique fusion of Puerto Rican music. Reggaeton is currently popular throughout Latin America.

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Smithsonian and CUNY DSI staff will be delighted to see any memorabilia or recuerditos you may have regarding Dominican music, Dominican fiestas, or any other objects pertaining to the Dominican cultural identity and historical legacy in the U. S. you may deem important.

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